LANE’S Ninth Annual Food & Beverage Beat Highlights Trends to Watch

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LANE, a Finn Partners Company, has released its 2018 Food & Beverage Beat. The agency’s ninth annual report (found here: http://www.lanepr.com/2018-food-beverage-beat/) reveals trends that are rising – and some that are receding – in the food and beverage industry in the year ahead. LANE tapped six experts to weigh in on issues that will resonate with consumers and the industry, from flavors that will dominate menus, to the implications of price versus value, to perceptions about beer in cans.

“The food and beverage industry is a constant source of innovation and inspiration. Chefs, proprietors and producers are constantly evolving their offerings to not only meet the changing tastes of consumers but deliver some unexpected surprises that capture the imagination and grow into the next big thing,” said Wendy Lane Stevens, managing partner at LANE. “We’re excited to share what some influential voices consider to be critical to the direction of the industry in the coming year.”



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LANE, a Finn Partners Company, has hired three executives to strengthen the agency’s Portland and New York teams. LANE added Ashlee Simpson in New York and Megan Moran and Stephanie Celenza in Portland.

“LANE represents clients across a variety of industries and is working in an increasingly dynamic communications landscape. This environment calls for individuals who can strategize and execute across multiple communication platforms and industries,” said Wendy Lane Stevens, managing partner at LANE. “We’re excited to have Stephanie, Ashlee and Megan add to the overall strength of our team in a way that allows us to compete in this environment and deliver integrated, business-building communication programs for our clients.”



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Consumer, Investment Banking and Private Equity Experts Weigh In

LANE issued its first Financial Services Outlook Report. Developed with the input of experts in consumer banking, investment banking and private equity, the brief provides insights to anticipated changes in the year ahead as well as some of the communications challenges that may arise.

“Competition in the financial industry is only intensifying, and many of our clients and experts are focusing on how they can maintain their competitive edge,” said Amber Roberts, a senior partner and lead of the financial services practice area in the LANE division of Finn Partners. “In addition to the standard competitive threats, our panelist are watching other areas that could disrupt the current state of their businesses, such as the new and unconventional administration as well as rapid advancements in technology.”


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