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Crises in the news hit record levels in 2017. The Institute for Crisis Management tracked 801,620 crisis news stories during the year, an increase of 25 percent over 2016, and there are no signs of slowing in 2018. While not every crisis can be avoided, you can prevent some and mitigate the impact of others by understanding what fuels a crisis and taking preventative measures.

Facing the perfect storm

The combination of a 24-hour news cycle and competitive media environment, coupled with the always-on nature of the internet and social media, creates a perfect storm for brands caught in a difficult situation. News and information travel at unprecedented speeds, and individual voices of consumers – not just of media or influencers – can stretch far and wide, leaving brands at the mercy of whatever negative situation may arise.

News stories break from many directions, well before traditional media engage or can assess and report. Plus, as stories ramp up quickly on social media, traditional media may move faster than is prudent to capitalize on its popularity. Consumers, social media and traditional media now expect immediate responses from organizations, and stories may run before an organization has had time to fully process a situation and formulate a response.

In an environment that makes it very difficult to think and act clearly to get ahead of a storm, brands need more than a crisis plan for a challenging situation. A crisis plan is just part of the equation; the other part is prevention.


THE WELLNESS REVOLUTION: Intel & Inspiration from 92Y’s Panel Discussion with Well+Good CEO Alexia Brue

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We recently had the opportunity to attend The Wellness Revolution, a curated conversation at 92nd Street Y with three trailblazing women at the center of it all. Renowned writer and chef Candice Kumai, Inspiralized founder Ali Maffucci and F-Factor diet creator Tanya Zuckerbrot sat down with Alexia Brue of Well+Good to discuss the latest industry intel and share their tips for getting started down the life-changing path of wellness.

Alternative yesterday, mainstream today
The wellness sector is undoubtedly booming, and it’s impressive just how strongly (and how quickly) this revolution has taken hold. One of the key themes of the panel discussion focused on the origins of today’s leading wellness trends. Practices that were considered “alternative” and “niche” in the past are today quite mainstream. All the panelists noted that many concepts that are now trending in wellness aren’t necessarily new and original. What is new is how today’s wellness innovators, entrepreneurs and experts are applying existing research and science and evolving traditional practices, as well as how consumers today are educating themselves and seeking wellness solutions that fit their lifestyles.


Digital Banking 2018: Finding your Fintech Soul Mate

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It seems every day a new shiny tech company enters the scene, touting a solution to a problem that consumers may not even know they had. While banks have fully accepted that tech startups are friend not foe, the tough question to answer is which one is right for my organization? Bank and tech industry leaders sat down at Digital Banking 2018 to discuss criteria and best practices for finding the right tech partner. Here are our highlights:


  1. Know what you are looking for: Ask for customer feedback on potential new features. Have a clear vision internally about what you want to do to serve customer needs better, and then go seek that out with a laser focus.
  2. Find a thought partner: Look for a thought partner who respects you and the product roadmap. Ensure they understand your near- and long-term vision, which is key to determining if their technology is right for your business.

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