Be Bold Be Bald! and Help Us Fight Cancer

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, in one way or another. After losing a business partner in 2007, Finn Partners Boston started a non-profit called Small Army for a Cause, and an annual fundraiser called Be Bold Be Bald! where participants from all over the country go bald for one day to honor those battling cancer and to raise money to find a cure. This year, all Finn Partners employees will wear their bald caps on Friday, October 18.

To date, we’ve raised $1.3 million nationally, and our goal is to reach $1.5 million this year. Our Portland office alone hopes to raise $5,000 for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.

Here’s how you can help us get there:

1. Sponsor our team for going bald on 10/18
Please consider sponsoring our team for going bald. All donation amounts count, no matter how small.


National Picnic Day 2019 – What We’re Packing In Our Basket

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What Pie Tops Finn Partners’ Favorite Flavor?

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In honor of Pi Day (March 14), we asked Finn employees to vote for their favorite flavor of pie. Yes, we know National Pie Day is Jan. 23, but are you really going to give up a chance for free pie in the break room? Really? Really? Then we want your slice. Well, 3.14 slices, to be exact.

Now, before revealing the winners, let’s dive into how we set this up. We were strict with the criteria. In fact, a bit of research went into the answer options. National lists from past years with top flavors and most popular choices. Google was widely consulted. Pies were shown in alphabetical order. One vote per person.

Any write-ins had to meet pie criteria. No cobblers, crumbles or crisps in this survey. Betty? Pandowdy? Grunt? Nope. It had to be pie.

While some respondents argued choosing merely one flavor of pie was a cruelty, there was a very vocal group of folks who reminded the survey-writers that pies could have savory options. Look, we see you, offices across the pond. The magic of shepherd’s pie or chicken pot pie didn’t cross our minds at first. We promise you’ll get a button to click on next year.


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