Our Favorite Moments from 2016

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14063296_1077104565739373_1756778891_nAs 2016 comes to a close, it’s the time to look back on the things that made us smile, made us proud or simply made us remember why we love what we do…


How Luxury Brands Can Engage the Millennial Market

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pexels-photo-196666With an estimated annual spending power of $200 billion, millennials represent a lucrative future for consumer brands. However, this demographic doesn’t appear interested in acquiring the status symbols of their parents or grandparents: the house, car, watch or designer handbag. Generally, millennials value time over money, experiences over things; in one survey, 78 percent of this group chose to spend on a life experience or event rather than a tangible item. That said, the future is far from dim for luxury brands.


Ten Years and Counting

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square-headshot-for-blog-postTen years ago NASA launched the first space mission to Pluto, Italy won its fourth  World Cup title and the world was both baffled and thrilled by a new platform called Twitter. Minus the tweet, it was a relatively uneventful year, or so I thought when I began my journey at LANE.


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