How Brands Can Slay Facebook Live

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facebook-liveWhile Facebook users have been quick to test this new feature, brands have been slightly more hesitant about embracing it. However, there have been several consumer brands that have had stellar success with Facebook Live.


Shedding Light on the World of Dark Social

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barcelona spain - june 28 2015 - tourist taking a photo of the magic fountain with an iphone

We’ve all done it: participated in dark social. But it’s not as illicit as it sounds. Dark Social is web traffic generated from social shares that do not pass as referrals by analytic tools. These social shares are usually links copied and pasted into emails, direct messages, texts or shared via apps like SnapChat and WhatsApp. These shares are not tracked as social media referrals in Google Analytics but rather show up as direct traffic.


The Impact of Modern PR on Search Rankings

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pexels-photo-67112_smallModern PR is uniquely positioned to improve search rankings for your brand, which can pay off big in the form of natural web traffic. A PR approach can help you create quality, unique content and improve brand awareness.

Think like the customer when creating content

PR agencies are experts at creating highly relevant and engaging content for brands. Journalists and media outlets face a constant barrage of pitches, and only highly targeted, interesting content attracts their attention.

Before you craft a piece of content, consider your audience. What are their unique needs, and what problems can you help them solve? What channels and touch points are important to your audience? Keeping your audience top of mind allows you to create more interesting content that is more likely to resonate. The better your site is at giving people what they are looking for, the higher it will rank.


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