Instagram Announces New Algorithm, Business Profiles

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Instgram login screenWith more than 400 million users, Instagram is a key component of any social media outreach strategy. Up until now, brands used the network similarly to individual users. However, two changes will cause marketers to adjust how brands utilize the platform.

New Algorithm-Based Feed

What It Is: An algorithm-based feed similar to parent company Facebook’s has been rumored for some time, and it is now being rolled out. Instagram made this change because it says people miss 70% of their feed due to the existing/previous chronological format.


What Marketers Should Know About Reddit’s IAmA

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Reddit_Logo_WideWhile Reddit has undoubtedly established itself as a global social news website by finding a brilliant and authentic way to harness user-generated content, this millennial magnet and its more than 200 million monthly users are largely overlooked by marketers and PR pros. However, one particular opportunity that can serve brands well is Reddit’s famous Ask Me Anything (IAmA) subreddit.


The Optimal Length for Social Media Posts

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Instagram_2As a full-service public relations and digital agency, our clients turn to us to understand digital marketing best practices, including how long social media posts should be, for their brands.

We all know Twitter has a limit of 140 characters, but what about Facebook? Should we write a novel simply because Facebook allows users to include up to 63,206 characters per post? And what about the newly rebranded Instagram? Do we even really need a caption when our image is amazing? (Spoiler: You do.)


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