Creating an Effective Cross-Channel Strategy in the Age of Integration

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Woman at coffee shopLess than 20 years ago, marketing was segmented and relied largely on three platforms – advertising, public relations and direct sales. Today, the mix is much more crowded. Marketing is evolving day-by-day, minute-by-minute. Not only do we have access to more information and data than ever before, but also customers are increasingly educated and connected. With this comes the opportunity for brands to be a more integrated part of the customer path to purchase and to amplify that experience in as many relevant places as possible.


Time-Saving Job Hacks from LANE

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Opening SLideAs part of LANE’s 25th Anniversary and our 25 for 25 campaign, we’ll be sharing various job hacks over the next few months. And after many long and taxing discussions – some of which included happy hour necessary offsite gatherings – we’ve agreed to share with everyone a few of our favorite tips for saving time during the workday.


What the Changing Social Media Landscape Means for Brands

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Startup Stock PhotosEffective social media marketing aims to drive engagement with target audiences where they spend the most time, and in 2015, the best place to find them is online. Now more than ever, brands are on board, using social media to engage with and advertise to consumers.

Between recent platform changes to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, here’s what you need to know about  social media marketing in 2015…


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