Fuel Your Family For Free – Save-A-Lot in the Community

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We just wrapped up a PR/community relations campaign for Save-A-Lot Food Stores (www.save-a-lot.com).  This is the second time we’ve had the opportunity to work with Save-A-Lot; the LANE PR team introduced the company’s first Pac NW stores in 2006.

On Feb. 28, all Save-A-Lot grocery stores in Oregon and Washington held “Fuel Your Family for Free” events where customers were given free groceries – all the makings for a spaghetti meal.  During such a tough economic time, this was a way Save-A-Lot could reach out to their local communities and give a helping hand – and needless to say, it was well received!  They also made a matching donation to local food banks, furthering their reputation as a true community partner.

We were challenged with a very short deadline (two weeks in total – and only one to actually promote to the media) and a wide range of tasks, including coordinating street teams, outreach to local food banks and community organizations, scheduling live radio remotes for the events, and of course a fast-and-furious media campaign.  It was a lot of work but we had a blast getting the word out on such a great – and timely – promotion!

Each store opened its doors first thing in the morning to a long line of eager customers.  Hugs, thank you’s and smiles were in abundance all day as people passed through the store to pick up their free groceries from the friendly Save-A-Lot staff.  It was a heartwarming experience.

And the results of the campaign spoke for themselves…  In just one week, more than 150 media stories were placed; nearly 9,000 meals were given out to customers, as well as 9,000 meals donated to local food banks – an overall success for the client and wonderful project for the LANE PR team to be a part of!

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