Paying It Forward on the Streets of New York City

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This past Friday, LANE’s Betsy Stavis and Meg Seibly spent their lunch hour paying it forward on the streets of New York City. As part of LANE’s #25for25 campaign and the Pay It Forward initiative, they were on a mission to make a few New Yorkers’ days a little brighter.

Their first stopBryant Park. Betsy hopped in line at Le Pain Quotidien and inched her way to the cashier behind a couple of coworkers on their lunch break. As one young man – who they later found out was named James – finished placing his order, she stepped in and offered to pay for his lunch.

James’s response: “What? Are you serious? Why?”

To which Betsy replied, “Happy Friday. Enjoy the sunshine and a little bit of love from a stranger. Pay it forward.”

Next stop – Starbucks. Meg walked into the relatively quiet Sixth Avenue location and told the barista she’d like to pay for everyone in line. Nobody knew what to say or how to react, until the barista asked why. Meg responded, “Enjoy this beautiful Friday afternoon. We’ve decided to pay it forward to you, and now it’s your turn to do the same for someone else.”

Pay it Forward - NYCOf the three people who received drinks, one expressed her thanks before scurrying away to her office, the next asked for a business card and told Betsy and Meg that what they had done was “pretty cool.” The third exclaimed that they had made her day and inspired her to do the same.

Last stop – 42nd Street. As Betsy and Meg were making their way back to the office, they were moved by a homeless man’s sign, which said, “In Need of a Miracle.” With a few dollars left on their cards, they offered to buy him lunch, which he accepted with much thanks. “You gave me exactly what I needed,” he said as he started in on his lunch – a sandwich, a bottle of water and a mango smoothie.

When we asked the girls what they thought of the experience, Betsy exclaimed, “That was a great, eye-opening experience.”

“It really proved how much the little things matter,” Meg added.

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