Content Marketing Optimization: Because SEO is So 2012

Posted by: Cody Sanger in: Digital/Social - Media Relations -

This past February, I was fortunate to attend Travel Portland’s Social Media & Web Marketing conference, gaining insight into the science of social media marketing and how the ever-evolving landscape of the digital realm is forcing many companies to sink or swim.

The conference hosted a smorgasbord of social media veterans, including Don Bourrasa (Yelp), Todd Skelton (Trip Advisor), Sylvie Dale (Advance Digital) and Jim Bridges (OregonLive).

One crucial takeaway I had from the conference was a little term called Content Marketing Optimization.  CMO (content marketing optimization) is the idea that nearly all Internet searches are executed for the sole purpose of finding the best content available on the Web. Therefore, search engines will post the best and most valued content towards the top of Internet searches.

In other words, if you’re not creating top-quality content, you’re going to be surpassed by people and companies who are. To ensure you aren’t, keep these two simple, yet essential rules in mind:

• Identify your audience – Nobody knows your audience better than you, so give them what they want! Create content that piques the interest of your target audience and they’ll be sure to share, revisit and ultimately drive your social media platforms to the top of related Internet searches.

• Post content consistently –People take note when you irregularly engage with your social media outlets, so it’s crucial to reassure your audience that they can anticipate new and relevant content on a regular basis. Take advantage of social media management programs like HootSuite: They allow users to time and effectively strategize the consistency of their social media messaging.

These may seem like fundamental concepts, but when executed correctly, CMO can do wonders for SEO and overall digital visibility.


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