The 2020 Food & Beverage Trend Report Has Arrived!

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Consumer group issues 11th annual report on trends taking off in 2020, from all things sustainable to new flavors, preferences, regional influences

The consumer group of Finn Partners has released its 2020 Food & Beverage Beat, reporting on the trends expected to take the food and beverage industry by storm this year. The 11th annual report found here surveys eight experts from throughout the industry and the country to pinpoint the fads, flavors and frames of reference for how food and beverage will evolve in 2020 and beyond.

“We’ve heard a lot about sustainability in recent years, but this year’s report shows just how all-encompassing that goal has become,” said Malisa Meresman, partner at Finn Partners. “Brands are really going to be challenged to show how they are being sustainable in every sense of the word, from their impact on the planet to their relationships with individuals’ health and the health of their food communities. Almost everyone is talking about sustainability, but there are other interesting movements coming down the road; 2020 is definitely shaping up to be a fascinating year for food and beverage.”

Some key food and beverage trends to watch in 2020 include:

  • Greater scrutiny of meat and dairy alternatives, as consumers become better educated about the level of processing involved to create these substitutes as well as the benefits of responsible and regenerative agricultural practices.
  • A growing African influence in the culinary space, including elements such as plant-based menus, spices, and ancient grains like fonio. The African influence should dovetail nicely with the movement of putting plant-based foods at the center.
  • More innovation at the bar in terms of plant-based flavorings and the use and re-use of ingredients. Asian influences should be prominent this year, with inspiration coming from the dynamic cocktail scenes of Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Middle Eastern and Eastern European wines will demand more attention as their quality gains appreciation, while Chile and Uruguay are starting to turn heads with the right blend of price and quality. Also, look for more natural wines.
  • Increasingly personalized approaches to diets and wellness, as the reliance on fad diets and one-size-fits-all mindsets fade away. Additionally, gut health will keep getting attention, as will products – such as fermented foods and hot sauce – that promote it.

FINN’s 2019 Food & Beverage Beat Released

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Agency’s consumer group reveals hottest trends: CBD, plant-based diets, luxe wine destinations and more.

Finn Partners today released its annual Food & Beverage Beat, a report of food and beverage trends that are “hot” and “not.” The new issue shares insights from eight industry thought leaders on consumer interests that might influence the U.S. food & beverage industry in the months ahead.

“Consumer trends are evolving daily, challenging food and beverage brands to keep up with developing demands and anticipate what lies around the curve,” said Malisa Meresman, partner at Finn Partners. “By taking the pulse of the industry via thought leaders around the country, we hope to arm its many players with important insights that can help shape their strategies and position them for success.”

Some of the themes we expect will continue to gain traction in 2019 include:



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LANE, a Finn Partners Company, has grown its food and beverage client base with the recent addition of four brands: Applegate, Dutch Bros Coffee, the International Olive Council and the Marine Stewardship Council. These clients join LANE’s roster of mission-driven and wellness-focused brands, which includes Northwest Cherries and Steaz.

“We’re thrilled about the opportunity to partner with each of these organizations and build greater awareness of their brands, their products and their missions,” said Wendy Lane Stevens, managing partner of LANE. “Whether changing the food we eat or giving back to local communities, each of these organizations is making a positive impact. We see tremendous potential to engage consumers and influencers further with these brands’ stories through creative, integrated and multidisciplinary communications programs.”

“Each of these organizations is seeking a breakout position within its market – an opportunity to get its story heard and to achieve growth in a competitive environment. By leveraging LANE’s deep industry expertise and Finn Partners’ data-driven insights and full-service capabilities, our team is poised to guide these brands and their messages to the forefront,” said Peter Finn, founding partner, Finn Partners.


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