2015 Edition of LANE Food & Beverage Beat Released

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LANE, a national, independent afood and beverage beat 2015 pages FINAL long smgency specializing in public relations, digital marketing and investor relations, released its sixth annual survey of thought leaders in the nation’s food and beverage industry. A round-up of insights on short-term trends as well as seismic shifts in the trade, the LANE Food and Beverage Beat 2015 reports on developments impacting consumers and professionals alike.

“Once again, we’ve turned to several of the nation’s experts in various food and beverage niches, gaining high level views of how Americans will be eating and drinking in the coming year,” said Wendy Lane Stevens, president of LANE. “While our panelists certainly note some fads, technology is not one of them; the digital domain is making an indelible impact on the industry, which is embracing new tools on a daily basis to connect with customers.”

LANE’s 2015 report mined the expertise of seven industry professionals across the U.S., including:

  • Kathy Casey: Celebrated chef, mixologist and pioneer in the bar-chef movement offering expertise in food, beverage and hospitality concept development.
  • Jason Dady: Chef and restaurateur whose honest approach to cuisine and concepts in San Antonio, has earned broad recognition, including from The James Beard House.
  • Nick Fauchald: Editor and author as well as publisher of Short Stack Editions, a single-subject cookbook series, and creative director of restaurant group Happy Cooking Hospitality.
  • Evan Goldstein: Master Sommelier prolific in wine and hospitality education and training, as well as in authoring books and columns and making radio and TV appearances.
  • Connie Guttersen, R.D., Ph.D.: Dietitian and culinary professional, New York Times bestselling author of The Sonoma Diet, and nutrition instructor at the Culinary Institute of America.
  • Mike Thelin: Co-founder of Feast Portland and a strategic consultant for high-profile food and tourism-related initiatives nationwide, from small to large-scale productions.
  • Jason Valdez: A retail and food marketing expert with branding and marketing experience spanning Disneyland, The Memphis Group and Whole Foods.

Survey Highlights

LANE’s panel of participants divulged a number of trends underway and the underlying factors influencing their growing – or even waning – importance for the nation’s food and beverage scene. Some highlights from the LANE Food & Beverage Beat 2015 include:

  • More crowd-sourcing for opinions on food and wine, less reliance on traditional third-party sources
  • In-depth exploration of trending areas like South America and Asia, uncovering regional nuances
  • Fast food eschews much of its old reputation, remaining convenient while adding more fresh, sustainable and healthy options
  • Craft cocktail culture continues, complemented by tasty plates from small kitchens
  • Increasingly sophisticated diners will be eating like chefs at ‘in-the-club’ spots, pop-ups
  • Wine drinkers grow more adventuresome and seek out obscure varieties and experiences

To view the complete 2015 Food & Beverage Beat, visit http://www.lanepr.com/lane-food-beverage-beat-2015/.

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