2016 Food & Beverage Beat Hits Street

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Industry insiders highlight up-and-coming trends in annual LANE report

Food and Bev Sample ImageLANE issued its seventh annual report on developing trends in the nation’s food and beverage industry. The 2016 Food & Beverage Beat [http://www.lanepr.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/food-and-beverage-beat-2016-long.pdf] takes a 360 view, incorporating input from seven experts in areas spanning cocktails, wine and entertaining to nutrition, cooking and chocolate.

“The food and beverage industry is incredibly diverse in terms of what we see on the market today, and we’ve captured a slice of its variety within the 2016 Food & Beverage Beat,” said Wendy Lane Stevens, president of LANE. “This compilation of perspectives goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to driving business success for our clients. We’re unwavering in our commitment to build relationships across the industry that enable us to track developments and provide valuable insights about trends with potential to change the competitive environment.”

In developing the 2016 issue of its report, LANE turned to a panel of seven leaders in their respective fields:

  • José Andrés: An internationally recognized culinary innovator, passionate advocate for food and hunger issues, author and television personality.
  • Perri O. Blumberg: A nutrition-driven writer for Self, The Cheat Sheet, Brit + Co. and Eat This, Not That, as well as a slew of other digital and print platforms.
  • Billy Potvin: A New York City-based mixologist who has been featured in Zagat, Thrillist, Gotham and Downtown Magazine.
  • Julian Rose: A classically educated pastry chef and confectioner known the world over as an authority on chocolate and master chocolatier at Moonstruck Chocolate Co.
  • Bruce Schoenfeld: An award-winning writer covering wine, food, travel and more for Wine Spectator, Travel + Leisure, SAVEUR, The New York Times Magazine and others.
  • Lisa Sedlar: Founder of Green Zebra Grocery in Portland, where she makes eating delicious and healthy food both easy and convenient.
  • Jen Tilley: The owner and author of and photographer for HowTo-Simplify.com, a lifestyle blog started in 2009 to shares tips, tricks and recipes for simple living.

Key Developments Anticipated for 2016

In the coming year, LANE’s panel of experts foresees a number of trends that will impact consumers and professionals throughout the food and beverage industry. Trends are being shaped, in part, by America’s continued concerns about health and nutrition as well as for an ever-present desire to make food and beverage choices as easy and stress-free as possible.

In addition, an increasingly savvy population that shares and gathers extensive information online is contributing to various movements, from organizing home-cooking parties for stocking the freezer to getting simple ideas for creating an inviting atmosphere for home entertaining.

Additional highlights from this year’s trend report include:

  • Authenticity will continue to dominate. Whether in their cocktails or wine glasses or on their dinner plates, consumers want flavors to reflect a sense of place, a sense of story.
  • Sugary products will struggle. Beverages, in particular, that are heavy on sugar and sweeteners (think high fructose corn syrup) will see more competition from alternative beverages that can allay health fears of obesity and diabetes.
  • Plant-based diets get a boost. Expect a greater focus on vegetables and, in particular, vegan and meat-free meals as Americans continue to worry about weight and health issues.
  • We’ll find more value in simplicity. Consumers are tiring of over-processed products and want to see simpler ingredients and methods applied. Artisan and craft producers should receive more attention for their own attention to detail and ingredients.

For an in-depth look at the trends in each expert’s field, access the full 2016 Food & Beverage Beat. For more information on LANE and its expertise within the food and beverage industry, please visit www.lanepr.com.

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