Crisis Communications & Reputation Management

The best defense against a sudden crisis is simple: preparation

An effective crisis communications plan allows you to address a situation proactively and minimize its impact on your bottom line. LANE guides clients through crisis situations—from sudden leadership changes to bankruptcy to public health concerns—and protects reputations. By combining a strategic understanding of internal and external communications with a proven process, LANE enables clients to think clearly and communicate effectively under pressure.

A business reputation is earned over time

It only makes good business sense to nurture and protect it. LANE takes a proactive approach to building and preserving a client’s reputation. We use all the tools at our disposal, from seeding media coverage to developing cause-related marketing programs that build goodwill.

Keeping an ear to the ground alerts us to potential risks to a brand. By monitoring the numerous communications channels—from traditional and digital media to social media channels—and going on the offense with positive messaging, LANE neutralizes threats and effectively manages reputations.

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