Social Media Hacks: How to Fight Back Against Diminishing Reach

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Social media platforms provide an opportunity to connect with your customers in an authentic way. Lately, many brands have noticed their impressions decreasing. Worse, many using paid support find that their reach is diminishing. What can you do to combat the reduced visibility on social platforms? Here are a few tips and tricks to hack the social media algorithms and better speak to the people seeing your posts.

Recognize That Facebook Organic Reach Is Dead

What kind of organic reach can you expect these days? Less than 2 percent. That’s right. The incredible page and fan reach of 2016 has shrunk to barely a trickle. In part, this is due to Facebook reprioritizing the user experience to focus on content created by friends and family.

How does the algorithm work? Within the first hour or two of posting, the algorithm checks to see how the most engaged fans of your page interact with your content. If those folks don’t like, love, comment or share, then the algorithm decides the content isn’t that interesting and pushes it further down in someone’s news feed.

The result? If you want your content to be seen beyond your most hardcore fans, you have to consider paying to boost posts or putting spend behind ads. Don’t worry. The amount of money you put in doesn’t have to break the bank. Even a modest spend can help you reach your audience.

Avoid Saying “Today” or “Tonight” Without Including a Date

Most social media platforms are moving away from chronological feeds, even Twitter. Now inclusion is often based on how much people interact with the content and the newness of that content. So it’s entirely possible that your post about today, tonight or tomorrow’s event will show up in someone’s feed hours or days later.

As a best practice, try to put a day of the week or date with these types of posts. Also, make use of the “Stop News Feed Distribution” function on Facebook if the content is time-sensitive.

Create an Event on Facebook

A great way to hack the Facebook algorithm is to make your post an event. Encourage followers to click “interested,” because then their friends and family will be informed about the event. Followers also get a reminder the day of the event.

But don’t be surprised if there are far more people who indicate interest than actually attend. Follow-through can be extremely low. As an awareness-raising tool, though, using events and asking people to click “interested” is a great way to organically signal-boost.

Use Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram allows people to follow hashtags in addition to individuals and brands. Choosing the right hashtag can help new followers find you via the communities you already want to reach. It’s best to keep the hashtags highly relevant to the content and not go for every hashtag under the sun. A less-is-more approach. Post confidently. If you have enough content, you’ll be able to reach the right audience with the right image at the right time.

There you have it. Organic reach is dead, so be prepared to boost your social media reach with paid support, create events when appropriate instead of regular posts and use hashtags on Instagram for greater organic discovery. If you want to integrate your social media messaging into a broader communications effort that leverages the power of public relations, give us a call or drop us a line.

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