Three Things to Act on Now From Meltwater Social Summit 2018

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The Meltwater Social Summit in San Francisco promised to unlock the power of social and provide a space where participants would be inspired by the best in social. The day proved to be a valuable source of information from big players in major industries from tech and marketing to beauty and travel. One key point that was stressed was to use big picture data from outside sources to make informed decisions within your organization coupled with your internal data.  Here are three ways to do that:


1.    Benchmark Your Data

Keynote speaker Erik Qualman brought up that without a benchmark, data means nothing. We all need context to understand what is going on. Compare the data to internal (month over month) and to external (industry) benchmarks. Go from the defense of reacting to what your competitors do to using data for offense to start leading the industry. Don’t be ahead of the market; be ahead of your competition. To do that, you need to know what your competition is up to.

2.    Capture Consumers Across Touchpoints

To prepare for future disruption in the industry, international beauty brand Shiseido focused on going from data fragmentation to unification across the “nonline” (as Google’s senior VP of ads and commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, calls it) world. By creating workflows to capture the many entry and exit points in the customer journey, there is now a social command center where the goal is to approach the customer through the lens of three Cs: content, care and commerce.

This means influencer marketing and product reviews will be more important and more influential than ever. However, the messaging needs to be authentic. The shopper journey is a “vortex of touchpoints” where buyers are channel agnostic.

3.    Don’t Be Afraid to Move Fast and Break Things

Dylan Ellsworth, senior manager of social media for Marriott International’s Caribbean and Latin America region, gave all the social media folks permission to “move fast and break things.” If you wait to see how your competitors use things, you’re already behind. But whatever you do, make it scalable and make sure every post you make has a purpose.

Video is key for influencing travel. Some of Ellsworth’s recommendations included – have a video-first mindset on social, add motion to images to increase engagement and make sure it works both with the sound on and off. Marriott has also found that text overlay on photos performs well, but video quotes perform even better and resulted in a 150 percent increase in engagement.

Marriott International is also starting to dabble in virtual and augmented reality with their Portal to Paradise app. While not all AR/VR technology is affordable right now, it’s something that will continue to trend and influence shoppers, especially as it begins to roll out in luxury and high-end spaces. However, VR/AR are an extension of social media as an experience.

Conclusions on Meltwater Social Summit 2018

It’s time to be bold and trust what the data (and your followers) are telling you. Social media is the printed newspaper, magazine and trade publication all rolled into a continuous feed. Give people a reason to make you, your content and/or the brands you work with part of their day.

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