Using Data to Dial-in Your Content Strategy

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The rise of social and digital media has given way to a slew of new content, not to mention a seemingly unending number of channels and outlets. To break through the clutter and offer audiences something fresh, brands are generating content at a rapid pace. But without incorporating a strategic, data-driven methodology, brands aren’t gaining the traction they seek.

A data-driven approach can ensure that your content development strategies are highly targeted and effective. As a Finn Partners company, LANE provides clients with a Digital Demand Mapping process. It defines the conversation and competitive landscape, and identifies the clearest point of entry into that conversation, allowing us to target your audiences with the right messages. Here’s how it works:

Start Speaking the Language

First, we help you get a grasp of the language that your audience is speaking and how people are searching for information related to your business. Gaining familiarity with common keywords results in a stronger picture of not only what information is being exchanged, but also what information is missing. As a result, we can devote energy and resources to developing content that is timely and relevant.

Ensure Supply Meets Demand

When drilling down into keyword research, the Digital Demand Mapping process indicates the volume of traffic for specific search terms and phrases, indicating the level of need in the marketplace. Such data helps prioritize our efforts and focus on content with potential to deliver the biggest return on your investment.

Get a Jump on Trends

Digital mapping not only zeroes in on specifics, but it also pulls back and provides a high-level view of the overall environment. An analysis of keywords and search volumes, particularly over time, can help identify larger themes and trends that are gaining traction in a marketplace. As a result, we can take a thoughtful, purposeful approach to building complete and cohesive content libraries.

Prioritize Audience-approved Channels

In addition to revealing what audiences are seeking, Digital Demand Mapping indicates where and how they are accessing information. By knowing the most popular channels and specific outlets for sharing resources and information, we can tailor our messages and enhance our ability to publish and promote content – both paid and organic – where your audiences reside.

Cultivate Alliances with Influencers

Finally, mapping can help identify individuals positioned to help your brand. We identify individuals with significant clout in key conversations who can serve as conduits for delivering messaging to your target audiences, and who can validate and endorse your brand and product. We define influencers by three metrics – reach, resonance, and relevance – to find those who not only have a large digital footprint, but those who are considered thought leaders and subject matter experts within a specific issue or topic area.

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