D.A. Davidson

Business Strategy

D.A. Davidson—an investment services and solutions company providing integrated brokerage services and solutions including capital markets, asset and portfolio management and trust and wealth management services—appointed LANE as its agency of record for six years.

LANE led media relations and executive visibility initiatives across six divisions of D.A. Davidson in nine media markets and nationally, placed experts in news stories, and introduced the organization to new media relationships.

The core of our work was preparing and training senior leadership and subject matter experts for speaking and media relations opportunities and pitching these individuals as sources for the press. We maintained relationships with 100 Davidson spokespeople across lines of business and consistently facilitated introductions and relationships with top-tier national and regional media contacts, averaging 30 engagements per year.


Our work resulted in an average of 200 unique media placements per year.  LANE’s media relations team consistently positioned experts from D.A. Davidson—a Midwest company with an imperative to participate in nationally recognized financial services dialogues—in top-tier financial services media, including CNBC, Fox Business and the Wall Street Journal as well as industry trade publications such as On Wall Street, Financial Advisor, Bloomberg Business and investment banking industry verticals.

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