Northwest Cherries

Business Strategy

Northwest Cherries, representing more than 2,100 sweet cherry growers, sought to drive year-round demand for its products – fresh, frozen, canned or dried – by touting little-known health benefits. LANE stepped in with an integrated, multi-phased campaign – creating content geared to target audiences’ health interests, engaging media and influencers for storytelling and third-party validation, and amplifying messages via paid opportunities. LANE sought high-impact coverage by using nonconventional outlets and tactics, such as a native content partnership with Weight Watchers, satellite media tours and mat releases.

The multi-phased strategy generated momentum for Northwest Cherries. Phase 1 focused on education and awareness during the important harvest season; phase 2 introduced ways to gain year-round benefits from the superfruit; and phase 3 engaged national health/nutrition researchers and influencers through participation in the Menus of Change conference.


LANE’s efforts played an integral role in driving sweet cherry consumption for Northwest Cherries. From June 2017 – June 2018, the campaign generated more than 1 billion media impressions around the positive health attributes of sweet cherries, including placements in,,, 425 Magazine, Food Channel and

A co-op broadcast media tour aired 878 times countrywide, resulting in 589.5 million impressions. Additionally, the Weight Watchers content partnership generated 4.8 million impressions, and blogger partnerships added another 2 million impressions. Finally, LANE engaged 23 top-tier health/nutrition influencers at the Menus of Change dinner.

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