Portland Roasting Coffee

Business Strategy

Consumers were thirsting for convenient craft coffee, and Portland Roasting Coffee delivered with a high-quality, full-flavored, single-serve cup. To make a splash among caffeinated consumers, the company tapped LANE for the Portland product launch.

LANE created an integrated public relations strategy centered on #DrinkLikeAPortlander. The social media campaign, a consumer-engagement initiative, was designed to celebrate Portland’s love for distinct, high-quality craft beverages. Its goal: encourage followers to share how they ‘drink like a Portlander’ on social channels and raise brand awareness.

LANE drove the campaign with custom digital strategies and assets tailored to Portland Roasting’s social media channels, including short videos, imagery, messaging, Instagram advertising and a campaign webpage.  The agency enticed other Portland-based craft food and beverage producers to get on board ― including Laurelwood Brewing, Eastside Distilling and Pacific Foods.  LANE engaged with target media and leveraged influencer content to broaden the campaign’s social media reach, while street teams reached out directly to consumers at Portland’s Pioneer Square and the Portland State University campus.


The #DrinkLikeAPortlander campaign proved successful. Branded search traffic rose considerably, and more than 450 posts featuring the hashtag were shared.  Social media engagement surged 51 percent. Overall, Portland Roasting’s website traffic increased 15 percent, including a 76 percent boost in website visits via social media referrals. Qualitatively, the campaign showed signs of critical mass, with unprompted public adoption of the hashtag by Portland Roasting fans and Northwest food companies such as Burgerville and Oregon State University’s Java Stop.

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