Business Strategy

Save-A-Lot, a national, discount grocer and a wholly owned subsidiary of Supervalu, had eight stores to open in as many months. LANE positioned Save-A-Lot as a go-to grocer and caring community member by creating neighborhood preview nights.

LANE developed a tailored, turnkey program effective for all new markets, from small to large. The program hinged on cultivating Save-A-Lot’s relationships with high-profile organizations and community hubs to spread the word as well as with local charities and city officials to build goodwill and awareness.

LANE provided on-the-ground logistics support, event management and PSA distribution, ensuring that neighborhood preview nights were well attended and well executed. Key event aspects included:

  • Pre-event grocery deliveries to neighbors
  • Sampling of fresh produce and healthy food options
  • Entertainment by local musicians
  • Opportunities to compare prices
  • Presentation of a donation to a local nonprofit
  • Remarks from local civic leaders


From August 2011 through February 2012, LANE implemented its efficient, coordinated approach at eight preview parties and averaged attendance of 1,000. LANE also laid a foundation for enduring neighborhood partnerships by facilitating introductions to influential community delegates and nonprofit organizations.

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