The Marine Stewardship Council

Business Strategy

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) wanted to leverage its 20th anniversary to increase awareness of its mission, educate consumers about the importance of sustainable fishing, and inspire action by encouraging the purchase of MSC blue fish-labeled products. To engage target markets in the Pacific West and coastal mid-Atlantic states, the MSC collaborated with LANE to develop and execute a multichannel promotion.

LANE created a compelling campaign platform to rally consumers around the MSC’s #KeepItWild campaign and engage them at multiple touchpoints to maximize visibility and drive action. LANE developed an educational mat release focused on the impacts of sustainable fishing and how consumers can help the cause with their dollars. Further, LANE secured five influencers in key markets to post about sustainability and highlight easy-to-replicate recipes to “Have a Wild Night In,” and the agency bolstered efforts with a national wire release and pitching that highlighted the MSC’s 20 years of keeping oceans wild.


LANE’s multichannel approach for MSC made a splash: 164.8 million readers were reached through the mat release and the national wire release and proactive pitching generated placements in 247 outlets. Additionally, influencer blog posts reached more than 16,000, while social media – including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – contributed more than 175,000 impressions and over 12,400 engagements.

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