Umpqua Bank

Business Strategy

In 2003 Umpqua Bank was a small, regional bank looking to change an industry. LANE took Umpqua’s innovation to the national level, differentiating the bank and creating opportunity to drive deposits. Grassroots social marketing and public relations campaigns – reflective of Umpqua’s community bank roots – served as the cornerstone of LANE’s strategy.

When Umpqua Bank created an innovative campaign, dubbed “The Lemonaire,” to target small business banking customers with the smallest, most entrepreneurial business of all, LANE carried the bank’s messaging across the nation. Targeted media received creative make-your-own desktop lemonade stand mailers, which made subsequent pitch efforts much easier and even appeared in local broadcast coverage.


LANE communicated Umpqua’s industry-changing strategy of retail banking nationally, to build awareness, and regionally, to drive deposits. The Lemonaire campaign garnered countless mentions in blogs nationally and internationally and drove $113 million in new deposits.  In 2007 and 2008, Umpqua Bank earned nearly 1,500 placements representing an estimated ad value exceeding $2.3 million.

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